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Product Range


Sunsong Australia has access to a huge range of pyrotechnic and consumer fireworks. For the professional, we have access to more than 2200 types of shell effects through a range of shell size from 2" to 16". In addition we can supply over 300 types of display cakes, 80 types of display roman candles and an impressive array of mines, gerbs, waterfall, lances etc.

From our stock on hand Sunsong Australia is able to supply the following products and more:

  • Class B & C fireworks: 1.3G, 1.4G, 1.4S
  • 2200 effects of 2"-16" Display Shells,
  • 300 effects of Large Display Cakes,
  • 50 types of Firecrackers for Cultural Events,
  • Indoor and Outdoor Fountains
  • Cylindrical and Conical Fountains,
  • Display Rockets,
  • Katherine wheels,
  • 1inch to 3 inch Roman Candles,
  • Sparklers, Parachutes, wheels
  • Smoking daytime fireworks,