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Fireworks Safety

Fireworks are great fun but care and commonsense are vital to ensuring the safety of everyone involved in a display. Here is some information to help your celebration to be safe one.

  • Always have the appropriate permits required by your regulating local and state governing body.
  • Store your fireworks safely in a closed box in a place that is cool and dry, out of reach of children and animals until the time they are needed - ( locked away is, of course, best).
  • Always notify your neighbours, police communications, Civil Aviation, Sea Search Rescue and R.S.P.C.A. of the time and place of the display.
  • Always read and follow directions specified on each individual firework label.
  • Always have an adult present to supervise your fireworks fun.
  • Always buy from a reliable fireworks dealer.
  • Alcohol or Drugs and Fireworks do not mix.
  • Always use fireworks outdoors, away from homes, dry grass and trees.
  • Always have water handy. A water hose close by is excellent or a fire extinguisher and water bucket if not.
  • Always only light one item at a time at arms length. Light crouched down besides the firework, never from above it.
  • Make sure that all spectators are at least 10 meters away for smaller displays, and at least 30 meters back for larger displays.
  • High winds will affect the quality of your display and may create a hazard. Be sure firing area has plenty of surrounding open space. Check for overhead power lines and tree branches.
  • Never try to re-ignite malfunctioning fireworks. The best way to make sure it is completely dead is to place it entirely in water.
  • Never give ANY fireworks item to small children even after it has been fired.
  • Never throw or point fireworks at another person.
  • Never carry fireworks in your pocket.
  • Never shoot (fire) fireworks from metal or glass containers.
  • Never experiment, modify or attempt to make your own fireworks.
  • After the display use tongs or gloves to collect spent fireworks. Next morning, check again and remove firework debris.
  • One more thing to remember! Pets are frightened by loud noises and bright flashes. Keep your pets indoors while enjoying your fireworks.
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Remember if in doubt - phone your supplier!