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About Sunsong Fireworks Australia


Sunsong Australia Pty. Ltd. is a wholly Australian owned pyrotechnic and consumer fireworks company. We specialise in the Australia wide sales and distributorship of common and exotic fireworks.

Quality and Competitiveness

bright gold spider like fireworks

Sunsong Australia is a firm believer that quality and competitiveness are the essential elements for a company to survive and, indeed, grow. We strictly adhere to the philosophy of Total Quality Management upon the whole production cycle, from the design of new product though the purchase of raw materials and the control of the manufacturing procedure.

Sunsong Australia is a manufacturer of fireworks to the highest standards. Sunsong Australia’s fireworks are being used all around the world by professional pyrotechnicians every day of the year. Sunsong's fireworks standards comply with American strict (AFSL & CPSC) and European standards.

Display Innovation

brilliant red and green fireworks display

Our Innovation, in both manufacture and display, allows us to respond to our customer demands. Sunsong Australia employs a team of highly skilled pyrotechnicians and show designers. If the show calls for a particular firework, say a mine, cake or fountain which is not available, we will manufacture it specifically for that show. Our ability to respond with innovation is a major reason why Sunsong Australia enjoys a large and growing number of loyal customers.


Sunsong Australia has been exploring new technologies for reducing the use of plastics. Wherever possible plastics have been replaced by non-polluting materials. Our packaging is signed to remind people of recycling.