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Fireworks Displays have evolved into the most attractive and impressive outdoor art-form known to man. We use them to commemorate events and occasions from the most formal to completely casual.

Fireworks say Its Here! We Did IT! You’re Married! Whenever, however and whatever people celebrate, fireworks are most appropriate and appreciated.

Good fireworks and good display operators will increase that feeling of euphoria by supplying spontaneity, effect and intensity of sound and colour. Sunsong Fireworks Spectaculars Australia Pty Ltd is such an operator.

We specialise in providing, at a most reasonable cost, the highest quality fireworks displays.

At Sunsong Fireworks Australia you will receive true professionals who fully understand the nature of fireworks and are highly experienced. All our crew members are fully trained and licenced to cater for your special occasion, whereas others may assemble a group of untrained individuals gathered together at the last moment.

Sunsong Fireworks Australia fire all shows electronically regardless of budget. This allows us to create some spectacular effects which simply cannot be done by hand lighting. Crew members maintain a safety watch during the display. They are not running around lighting fireworks creating a safety hazard for themselves and your audience.

colourful evening fireworks display

Our Range

Sunsong Fireworks Australia has access to a huge range of pyrotechnic and consumer product. For the professional, we have access to more than 2200 types of shell effects through a range of shell size from 2" to 16". In addition we can supply:

  • over 300 types of display cakes
  • 80 types of display roman candles
  • an impressive array of mines, gerbs(fountains), waterfalls, lances etc.

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night fireworks display gold sparkly effect